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Area Rug Repair

East West Invisible area rug repair

A prominent Vancouver Area rug cleaning company, specializing in cleaning and repair of all types of hand knotted high quality rugs.

Area Rug Repair

Invisible area rug repair comes from Knowing original weaving techniques. We have area carpet master in Vancouver to service your rugs needs The art of area rug repair comes from the ability to make repair and restoration to hand knotted carpets in a way that is invisible and original. This can only be done by artists with exceptional expertise in the field of handmade carpets. Following completing any repair by Master Kami, the repaired area on the carpet becomes like the original parts, as if the damage to the carpet has never been existed. With exceeding expectations, our clients receive their valuable carpets back, not being able to find the repaired area, no matter how long they try to find it.


Restoration and repair of area carpets, when there are structural damages to the carpets, help to preserve and maintain usability of handmade carpets.  In short explanation, hand knotted carpets are made on a foundation of warps and wefts that holds the knotted piles. Usually, the area carpet foundations are being kept together by professionally made hand bindings on both sides.

The fringes on the two heads of the area rugs with classic look are in fact the warps of the carpets. Once making of a hand knotted carpet is completed, it is removed from the carpet frame (loom) by cutting the warps off of it. End stop (double knots or chains) must be added to what is called fringes after bringing the carpet down from the loom to keep the knots intact within the carpet foundation.

Flat weave rug

With some exceptions, the structure of other types of handmade carpets (non hand knotted carpets) is more or less similar to hand knotted carpets. For example, Kelims and Navajos are hand woven area rugs without piles, or Tufted carpets are piled handmade carpets without actual knots. Regardless of the type of area carpet, the first important factor to a successful restoration is to have the knowledge base of all types of area carpet structures. When there is damage to any parts of the area rug structure, the damage must be professionally treated to prevent further damages and to keep your precious area carpet in good shape.

Area Carpets can be Repaired to the original endless possibility to restore them

Area Rug Foundation Repair

Damages to area rug foundations are the most severe type. You can identify this category of area rug damage, if you find a hole or ripped spot in the carpet. It may happen for many different reasons. For example it could the result of keeping a potted plant on your carpet for a while, or your dog chewing the rug, or physically cutting a piece of the rug out, etc. For whatever reason the carpet’s warps and wefts in some areas are being destroyed, new warps and wefts must be created to ensure proper re piling/re weaving can be done.

In our area rug services facility, we carry warps and wefts material for all types of hand knotted carpets around the world. Selecting the rights material is the initial step to our successful area rug foundation repair.

Area Rug Piling Repair

You may notice in some areas of your rugs the piles are missing and the foundation of the rug is becoming visible. This could happen as a result of excessive use in higher traffic areas. Another common reason for this problem is moth damage. Moth consumes the wool which is in fact the piles of the wool carpets.

With the largest selection of wool, silk, and other materials for all types of area carpets around the world, we are able to offer re-piling, re-weaving and re-knotting services to any hand knotted area rug exist in the world.(Matching the original color)

Area Rug Binding Repair

One of the common problems in area rugs happens to the binding part of the area carpets. Bindings could get broken, separated from the area rug base, or get damaged due to wear and tear or any other reason. Depending on the severity of the damage, we recommend either full hand binding replacement over the area rug sides, or spot binding repair.

Area Rug Fringing Repair

High traffic areas and using vacuum cleaners with power heads to clean the fringes are the most common reasons for causing damages to the area carpet fringes. Refringing is an option to revive your area rug and to bring back the original look of the carpet.

New Fringing 

Unraveling is another common damage to the area rugs. It happens when the area rug fringes are worned out and the end stop totally or partially is lost or loosened. It is important to add new end stop to stop further unraveling to your area rug. The two artisan techniques are double knots and chains. We offer either of these techniques based on the look of your area rug.

Other Rug Repairs and Services

You can also contact us for other area carpet services. We provide other services such as preparing rugs for hanging on the wall, stretching area rugs, preparing for storage, and more.


For decades, we have restored and repaired countless numbers of the most valuable area carpets, museum pieces, and designer and modern area carpets to their original shapes. We continue to offer our restoration services to our community with the same outstanding standards.

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