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Water Damage Color Run Removal

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water damage Area Rug Color Run Removal  Color run or color bleeding is one of the problems you may encounter usually after your area carpet is being cleaned by someone without proper knowledge in this field or if the area carpet gets wet for any reasons such flooding or spillage. If the dyes on a carpet are not properly stabilized during the dying process, or excessive dyes remains on the surface of the fibers used in making of the carpet, that carpet, if gets wet, will be vulnerable and  color run will occur. Color run on the area rugs could be a significant damage that is not pleasant for any area rug owner. Therefore it is important to consider two significant factors: first, how to prevent color bleeding; and second, how to successfully restore a color run damaged area carpet. At East and West carpet cleaning, we excel in color run removal. We have restored thousands of color run damaged carpets. We are pleased to continue offer this service for any type of damaged area rugs to our clients. How to prevent color bleeding on the area carpets The knowledge about the materials used in making of hand knotted carpets (ie, wool, silk, bamboo silk, mercerized cotton, etc) along with the knowledge about the types of dyes used (ie, acidic dye, alkaline dye, vegetable dye, or any other types of synthetic dye) are essential in successful area carpet cleaning without causing any damages to the area carpets such as color bleeding. To prevent color run or any other damages to your area rug, you must ensure the specialized knowledge and expertise of the carpet cleaner who utilizes the proper carpet washing techniques and process uniquely for each area carpet. Unfortunately, other causes such as water flooding may not be preventable and therefore, in those situations, color bleeding on area carpets is unavoidable. The best set of actions is to immediately remove the carpet from the wet area, try to make it dry if you can by using a fan or any other air flow, and get professional help. Color Bleeding Removal The initial step in successful color run removal is proper identification of the types of dye and material fiber on the area carpet. Then, based on those finding the appropriate color run remover must be decided. Color removing solution selection is at most of the importance for a successful color run removal process. Wrong solution may not be effective. In addition, some of the existing solutions that are used by some carpet cleaners or carpet owners cause further damages to the area carpet foundations. The color remover solution must then be used through proper techniques. In our carpet cleaning facility, we utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise in this area to provide the most successful color run removal services over the decades.

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