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Area Rug Shearing

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A prominent Vancouver area rug cleaning company, specializing in cleaning and repair of all types of hand knotted high quality rugs.

Area rug shearing We can do rug shearing for leveling dog or cat damage, fading, or pile damage even wrong cleaning in the past can be fixed. Area rug shearing is a method used by our Master in Vancouver after rug cleaning and repair is done we can do shearing for leveling cat damage, fading, or any kind of pile disturbance, on all types of hand woven rugs.

Price for shearing depends on multiple factors we can provide free estimate in your place

Over time carpets or area rugs may begin to dull or lose their colour intensity. Shearing is used to restore the vibrancy of your area carpets.

Area rug shearing is done by careful thin-layer shaving of the top 1 millimeter of the carpet allowing for full-colour revival. Shearing is performed with a special shearing machine and is used by hand. If your carpet has more than 1 millimeter in depth fading usually that is the indication of the machine or steam cleaning in the past that has left harsh chemicals on your carpet. Unfortunately, this type of fading does not happen over the night. The low or high PH of the cleaning solutions can affect the dye over time. That is one of the main reasons we rinse after hand-washing to make sure nothing left behind.   

  Area carpet shearing is a very delicate and intricate process. It takes years of practice to be able to get good results. If done incorrectly rug shearing can damage an area rug.

We have the expertise for this type of job. Below is a video of the actual process of contemporary saree silk area rug shearing our expert shearer, Kami has done for one of our clients.

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